My Little World (1997)

Recorded at the ‘Cramped Closet’ from 1996 into 1997 using a Yamaha CS-15, Yamaha PSR-36, Casio CZ-101, Casio MT-240, Yamaha PSR-500, Yamaha FB-01, Kawai K1-m, Gravis UltraSound and controlled via a MIDIman x2, pumped through Tascam MM-1 mixer and dumped onto a Realistic dual tape deck. Sequenced with PG Music PowerTracks.

My Little World

Song Story:  Left over song from earlier vocal work and I thought it could stand on it’s own without vocals. Main reason I liked it is simply because this was the first time I used the CS-15 in production. I like the way it turned out.

In No Ones Shadow

Song Story:  In No Ones Shadow came out after the tragic loss of two amazing women, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. I was somewhat disappointed that Princess Di received so much more press than Mother Teresa. I’m sure she would have felt the same having based so much of her work on Mother Teresa’s efforts. I always pictured the song starting out with a full photo of Princess Diana that would slowly shrink and be over shadowed by a growing photo of Mother Teresa.

You Better Run

Song Story:  Simply evolved from a ‘scary’ track that I had written earlier. I enjoyed the way this turned out and it has become one of my more favorite tracks.


Song Story:  This was one of the first songs that I had ever written that followed the ‘typical’ pattern of intro-verse-break-chorus-repeat sort of scheme. So that’s where the title comes from. I rather like the tune though after I reflect on it.

Maintaining Hope

Song Story:  Sometimes the title fits. Keep your faith, keep your hope and never let go of that.

Rounder Than Round

Song Story:  Does every song have to have a story? Of course they do…but this one doesn’t really. The title was randomly picked out of the air and the song was just one of the better bits of music to come out of this session. I like it quite a bit actually when I stop and listen to it in detail.

Ruined the Ending for Everyone

Song Story:  Well, this was called something else originally, but…I had issues with my Gravis UltraSound during the recording of these tracks and it ruined the ending of this song. My brother seems to have an earlier recording of this song in which the ending is not in overdrive mode. I need to get that from him and upload it…but then I would have to change the title and we can’t have that can we?


Song Story:  Oh my word this song is so boring!

When I’m Blue

Song Story:  This song just sort of reminded me of how I feel when I’m a little down…and it did have lyrics at one point, but I like it better as an instrumental.

Even More Boring

Song Story:  Crud! This one is even worse than the ‘Boring’ one mentioned above!

Reminds Me Of Old

Song Story:  This track reminded me of some old school songs from the 80’s and before then a bit. Not sure why, but it did, so the title was born.

Freedom To Move

Song Story:  The song starts out constricted and tight (to me at least) and by the time we get toward the end, we are open and free again.

Wind At My Back

Song Story:  Again, my Gravis UltraSound was giving me issues, but this song is probably one of my favorites on this collection. I just like the way it works, the way it feels and how it flows together. Again, my brother managed to get his hands on an earlier master copy, how I don’t know, and that one I could upload because it would be worth it to me.