Now What?! (1991)

Recorded at the ‘Tilted Room’ in 1990, and mixed out in 1991 using a Yamaha PSR-36, Casio CZ-101, Casio MT-240, Yamaha PSR-500 and controlled via a MIDIman x2, pumped through a four channel Realistic mixer and dumped onto a Realistic dual tape deck.  Sequenced with PG Music PowerTracks.

Here We Go

Song Story: My first totally sequenced song, and also the first song of this collection, so…the title seemed to fit.


Song Story: I intended to title songs on this album around the various pieces of life going around me.  As a freshmen in college, this sort seemed to be how I thought I felt at the time.  Busy, excited, spiraling…a whole bunch of things that didn’t really come together but some how had to.


Song Story: They just kept tossing homework at me…like I had time for that. I needed to make music and hang out with my friends. I also wish I knew more about mixing, the end of this is pushing the red.


Song Story: The song came out one day, slapped this title on it later during a review of it…end of story.

Just a Little Off the Top

Song Story: This song is just totally over the top. I’m not sure I like it as I did back then, but here it is anyway. No big story to this one either.

This is it

Song Story: I used a text to speech converter to add a sample to this song. This was basically the result of me playing around with samples and the concepts associated with them. What I learned is that I don’t like samples and that sort of stuff isn’t for me. Trackers, sample players, samplers…none of that suits how I think or work.

Train Wreck

Song Story: After listening to this, I felt like I just experienced a total audio disaster. Thus, the title.

I Used to Dream

Song Story: I hadn’t had a dream in years. This song reminded me of that. I still don’t dream very often. I don’t seem to sleep much either.


Song Story: I could have called it “Dead Western” or “Slow Stepping Gun Slinger” but really, this works doesn’t it?

I’m Broken

Song Story: Self explanatory title don’t you think. I just sort of felt like this is what a person who is broken must feel like inside.


Song Story: Wait, I don’t recall this song being on this collection. But there it is. This is left over from an earlier, pre sequencer collection. I remade it using the sequencer software. I think I was just playing around with the software and some MIDI controller effects, that and I really liked the dirty sound the PSR-36 tossed out here.

I Don’t Know Where This Stuff Comes From

Song Story: I really don’t know sometimes. I think I had just watched Legend for the 8th time and I was sort of in a fantasy mood.


Song Story: I don’t know what that stands for other than I had three PSR devices in my possesion over the course of time.


Song Story: I wanted to create something that was on the edge of horror movies. I think this turned out okay and captured that 80’s style horror sound pretty well.


Song Story: As I started getting closer to the end of the collection, I had about 20 complete songs and 40 fragments that never matured into songs. This was a fragment that I went back and listened to and the rest of the song just manifested out of it. I thought the title was fitting as the song sounded more collected and aware, what I thought a junior in college or even high school should be.


Song Story: This is what I thought of all that graduation ceremonial stuff going on.


Song Story: Finally, a senior. So much to take in, so much to do, everything seemed to be in front of you. If you could somehow know then what you know today, or have parents who could impart that information on you without alienating you.


Song Story: This was, when I had tape, the last song on the collection. The final song, and I thought it fitting in style to be called what it was.

Bonus If You Can Really Call it That

Song Story: I never intended for this song to be heard outside of myself. Somehow it made it onto this collection, I think I accidently cut it onto side 1 of the master tape and kept it there. Hip hip hooray. I can’t stand this song, thus the title.

Where Did This Come From

Song Story: I have no idea what this song was originally called. I noticed the file size of one of the other songs on this collection was abnormally large, so I checked it out and found a long silence and this song at the end of it. So I clipped it out and put it here. Good name for it.