PseudooRandom (1994)

Recorded at the ‘Tilted Room’ from 1993 into 1994 using a Yamaha PSR-36, Casio CZ-101, Casio MT-240, Yamaha PSR-500, Yamaha FB-01, and a Kawai K1-m and controlled via a MIDIman x2, pumped through a four channel Realistic mixer and dumped onto a Realistic dual tape deck. Sequenced with PG Music PowerTracks.

This collection was an attempt to have a theme follow each song. That theme was a particular sound. Turned out that sound was from the MT-240. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Good news is, this is the ONLY collection of songs that I still have the original sequence files for (at least I think i do) so I could go back and redo this whole collection should I ever have the time or ambition…and replace that sound with something better.


Song Story: This was a magnificent accident. I started something out in the wrong step time signature, then played it back thinking it was supposed to be based on a different step set. This is what I got. Well, I got part of it, after I heard that I built the rest of the song around it. The title fits…I was searching…searching for the button that made me mess up the time on it. I ended up loving this song though.

Just Briefly

Song Story: It’s short and to the point, and so is the title. Originally this was in the middle of the tape (sorry, this was before CD and long before digital media).


Song Story: I think the title came from thin air. Really. Or maybe it’s about the timing of life and I felt this song captures that…but I’ll bet it just came out of thin air…most of my titles do.

With You

Song Story: How I feel when I’m with you. Isn’t that a line in a Huey Lewis and the News song?

That Hurts

Song Story: That’s what my ears said after I listened to this.

I Don’t Even Know

Song Story: That’s what I said after I listened to this.


Song Story: That’s how I feel when I listen to this.


Song Story: This song seems to repeat itself. Seems to be a recurring theme. That’s not good.

Three Ring

Song Story: Not to be confused with the circus, I think the title comes from the fact that this goes around three times.


Song Story: Something lurks in the dark spots of this song, but the ending seems to lift that darkness a bit.

Cheap Knock Off

Song Story: Oh … my … what a horrible thing I have done here.

You Did What?!

Song Story: Seriously, you did what? And now you think I’m going to be okay with that? Well…I’m not.


Song Story: I was really just playing around with a concept. This is the result. I love it.

Seriously Hit Me

Song Story: Why do I keep doing this to myself? Somebody just slap me already.

Keep Your Faith

Song Story: A theme with me is faith and hope. You have to keep them all the time in this world. This song was another entry into that theme. Never let go of those two things.

Distant Thought

Song Story: I felt like this song reminded me of something further away than myself, or anything I had done before.

This Time Around

Song Story: My thought on this song was ‘this time around’ I think I got it. This is one of my better attempts at music I think.

Without Asking

Song Story: This was a song that came out of my reaction to someone saying something to me that was very nice without me having to ask them to. I don’t know…just go listen to it and maybe you will get that vibe too.


Song Story: I felt new when I wrote this. I was in the middle of some life changes and I was really taking to them well. I don’t think this song stays the same for more than two or three bars, which really is how I am too.

Not Quite Sure

Song Story: I’m not quite sure where this song title comes from…so that sounded like a good title didn’t it?

Fun Time Fun

Song Story: I think I was having fun when I put this all together. I’d like to think so at least. Wait…is this the song I was thinking of when I named ‘This Time Around’? Maybe this is the time around I got it better? I don’t know. Enjoy.

Silly Walking Outlaw

Song Story: The title fits. All I can think of is some video game character wandering around in some 8-bit pixel mess as this music plays.

My Robot Sam

Song Story: I was playing around with samples. Something I never really used before, and haven’t since. My system was taxed pretty highly when I did as I didn’t have high end gear. But the song and the sample worked well and this is what rolled out of it. My Gravis UltraSound was also dying at the time, which ads to the mess a bit.

You Made It!

Song Story: Yeah…you made it to the end of the collection!