The After Now (1992)

Recorded at the ‘Tilted Room’ in 1992 using a Yamaha PSR-36, Casio CZ-101, Casio MT-240, Yamaha PSR-500, and a Yamaha FB-01 and controlled via a MIDIman x2, pumped through a four channel Realistic mixer and dumped onto a Realistic dual tape deck. Sequenced with PG Music PowerTracks.

Happy 3.0

Song Story: I wrote this song over and over again so many times I think I lost count. This was the third time I tried to include it on a collection. I don’t know why it was called Happy though.

Can You Believe This Nonsense

Song Story: My exact thought after listening to this song.


Song Story: I was playing around with the CZ’s filters. This came out. Not much of a story but it’s the truth.

Bad Vibe

Song Story: I just had to try out that orchestra hit that the Pet Shop Boys seem to lavishly toss into every song they wrote before 1993.

I Have Friends

Song Story: This isn’t a question, I really do have friends. This song is left over from Now What, and at the time I liked it enough to include it in this collection after finishing it up.

I Hate My Chair

Song Story: I had a really cheap desk chair, and the bolts that held the seat to the swivel base were starting to come through the very thin layer of cushion that was still available on it. As I listened to this song, this is all I could think about. Sadly, finances would not allow me to replace this chair for another year and a half.

Tell Me Again

Song Story: Tell me again why you are breaking up with me? No really…because what you told me makes no sense at all.

Why Jazz Never Worked For Me

Song Story: I never understood jazz, same goes for this piece of work.

Then You’re Gone

Song Story: Started out as a sort of tribute to lost friends, and then did what I usually do…got severe ADD and moved on to something more up beat.

Almost There

Song Story: Yes, you can relax, you are almost to the end of the collection…almost…just a few more.

I’m So Sick of FM

Song Story: I never could get FM to sound the way I wanted TechnoDrama to sound. I longed for LFO. By the time I got to this song, I was just sick of the FM sound. Other than the CZ-101, all I really had was FM based synths. I think of what I could have done with this song with analog gear.

Through the Window

Song Story: I named this song solely for the purpose of going nicely with the name of the song that follows it. Please see below. But it does sort of have that “I just tossed this all out the window” sort of feel.

And Onto the Ground

Song Story: And this is where it all landed. I feel lazy after listening to this song. But I really liked it then and something about it still appeals to me now.

Why Did I Do This?

Song Story: This was pieced together from a couple rough ideas. I love the end of this song. It sort of brings about a picture of someone standing in the midst of something that has made them ask that question, “Why did I do this?”

I Still Think About You

Song Story: Another track left over from Now What that I felt was good enough to finish up and include on this collection.

Now What?

Song Story: Actually not a left over from Now What, but I really had that thought when I got to this song and listened to it. Now What? I just finished another collection of music and I felt tired. So I took a year off.