The Life Sporadic (2017)

Recorded at the ‘Corner Office’ from 2016 into 2017 using a large collection of soft synths available across the Internet. ¬†Recorded using PreSonus Studio One 3 and the Novation Impulse 49.

Crazy Bacon

Song Story: One of my children has an on-line persona named Crazy Bacon, and he loves this song. So…there you go.

Less Than Two

Song Story: Messing around with some new software. This song is less than two minutes long. Again…TaDa!

It’s Not All Good

Song Story:¬† It’s not all good, but it’s not all bad either.

Long Short Night

Song Story: I felt like I worked on this song forever, and it turns out to be just a bit over two minutes long. I had tons of ideas that ended up not making it into the final mix, and I think that was the problem, I was over creative. I’m happy with the results, but extremely glad this song is behind me.

Chaotic Dribble

Song Story: I just don’t like this. You may, that’s why I released it. But I named it based on how it made me feel.

Extra Ordinary

Song Story: Again…I don’t know the story. It just came out and landed on the computer. TaDa!


Song Story: I got some sad news. This followed that news. This is for my brother.

Hop Sketch

Song Story: Not every song has a story. This one doesn’t. We could make something up if you want. Suggestions?


Song Story: I was just fiddling around when this started to take shape. My father enjoyed songs that took on this sort of rhythm and movement. Made me miss him. Still do. So there’s your story for that.

Next to Next

Song Story: Originally this was for a vocal remix track, but that fell through so I just turned it into a classical instrumental track. I like it. Short and to the point.

Old Man and the Keys

Song Story: I started using virtual instruments this time around. I used a bunch of synths that emulate gear from the early 1980s. This is the result.

You Got This

Song Story: I wanted something that sort of had that ‘ending’ feel to wrap up ‘The Life Sporadic’ and this is it.


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